Signs A Girl Likes You

Learn to Attract Women - Click HereThe signs a girl likes you are an impossible mystery to most guys. They just can’t tell. Their emotions get in the way, their thinking goes fuzzy and they lose the ability to spot the often obvious and blatant signs that a girl likes you.

But rest assured the signs are there. And with a little practice you can learn how to tell if she likes you, and then know exactly how to behave so she likes you even more.

The key to all of this is just knowing what to look for.

So here are 5 signs a girl likes you, to help you on your way:

1) She doesn’t run away:

Hear me out on this one, because it slips right past most guys. If a girl is willing to give you her time and attention, and she’s not running away at the first chance she gets, then it’s clear on some level that she likes you - or at least wants to get to know you better. (This is assuming she’s not yawning, looking bored, staring at the ceiling, showing her back to you, or using every swear word in her vocabulary to make you leave!)

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You see, when a woman really isn’t interested in hanging around a guy, she’ll often come up with any excuse in the book so she doesn’t have to. So the fact she’s not running for the hills is one of the most obvious and key signs a girl likes you.

2) She asks you loads of questions

Think about this for a moment. If a girl isn’t interested in you, then why would she bother to find out more about you? It doesn’t make any sense, does it?

That’s why asking you a ton of questions is one of those fantastic signs a girl likes you. It clearly shows she digs you, and wants more of your time. These questions can be as simple as “What’s your name?” or “Where are you from?” The simple fact is that she wants you to stick around, and asking questions is one way of making sure you stay.

3) She’s talking unusually quickly:

As you know, women are emotional creatures. And when a girl is excited or nervous, her speech will often speed up. She’ll talk way faster than normal, and perhaps even utter complete nonsense.

This is another of those signs a girl likes you, and it’s great news if it happens when she’s talking to you. It shows that she’s placing a lot of importance on her interaction with you and doesn’t want to screw it up. Again, a great sign for you!

4) She’s playing with her hair or fidgeting:

This ties in with the previous point. When a girl is excited or nervous when she’s around you, she’ll often start behaving in ways that reflect this very clearly. Stuff like playing with her hair, scratching her inner wrists, or not being able to sit or stand still. These telltale signs she likes you will ‘leak’ out of her, and be totally beyond her control. So just keep an eye out for when this happens.

5) She finds any excuse to touch you:

Now, if you notice a girl finding any excuse to make physical contact with you, then it clearly demonstrates she’s happy getting close to you. And you should interpret this as yet another of the powerful signs a girl likes you. (Because the total opposite is true when a girl is not interested).

So take and use these guidelines the next time you’re out with a girl. And challenge yourself to spot as many of these signs as you can. Enjoy.

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